Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships enable NC State to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in every field: the extraordinary young people who will someday discover life-saving treatments, transform society through new technologies, create innovative works of art, educate future generations and assist communities in need. NC State is the ideal place for them to begin their journey.

Scholarships at NC State

NC State excels in education, discovery and service of uncommon breadth and remarkable relevance. The largest four-year university in North Carolina, NC State serves a diverse student body of nearly 25,000 undergraduates from all 100 NC counties, every state in the U.S. and more than 120 countries. Students are drawn to NC State by our reputation for excellence in more than 100 undergraduate majors as well as opportunities to pursue original research with renowned faculty, living-learning communities, study abroad and service-learning programs, intramural and extramural sports and more.

As NC State looks to the future, no priority is more important than safeguarding our ability to extend educational opportunity to bright, deserving students. Cost is a major consideration for students and their families, and the cost of attending college nationwide continues to rise. At NC State, estimated annual expenses for full-time, in-state students total more than $25,000.

In the last five years, state appropriations per student in the UNC system have decreased 7 percent. Tuition revenue has increased 10 percent system wide as state appropriations continue to decline. As support for public higher education diminishes and the cost of education continues to rise, students amass more debt, or they may sacrifice their dreams of higher education altogether.

Scholarships represent a lifeline to students and their families, because they enable NC State to fill this gap. Endowed scholarships represent the sturdiest of lifelines, since they offer a secure source of revenue for financial aid, helping students and their families to weather economic downturns and fluctuations in state and federal support.

Opportunities for Your Support

Endowed Full-Tuition Scholarship
Your gift of $350,000 or more will provide full tuition support for a student in a program of your choice as well as a stipend for experiential learning, service learning or study abroad.

Endowed Merit Award Scholarship
Your gift of $50,000 or more will provide a partial merit-based scholarship for an incoming freshman in a program of your choice in recognition of his or her exceptional academic ability, talent and potential.

Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship
Your gift of $50,000 or more will provide a partial merit- or need-based scholarship for a student in an undergraduate program of your choice.