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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff gifts go above and beyond to power the extraordinary at NC State.

The work we do here matters

You and your fellow faculty and staff members are an invaluable part of what makes NC State extraordinary. Because of you, the university continues to be an institution that thinks big and gets things done. Your support is key to our ongoing success.

Whatever your philanthropic passion may be, you can find a way to support it by giving to NC State.

4,000+ Day of Giving Gifts

Faculty and staff have gone above and beyond across four Days of Giving.

$1.8 Million in Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarships

Faculty and staff donors have helped make these renewable awards possible for 400 students since the 2016-17 academic year.

2,000+ Faculty and Staff Donors in 2022

Each fiscal year, faculty and staff give back to NC State, in addition to their work.

Faculty and Staff Giving

NC State faculty and staff show their incredible dedication to the university, its students and its mission in so many ways — one of which is through giving. 

Making a gift is easy. You can:

  • Give by payroll deduction at
  • Make a one-time gift online.
  • Send a check — made payable to Annual Giving for NC State — to Campus Box 7474, Raleigh, NC 27695.

More resources for faculty and staff giving at NC State

Why is faculty and staff giving important for NC State?

Our collective commitment builds the necessary philanthropic momentum to spread our impact beyond our offices and into the community, across the state and far beyond ― to help make NC State the great university we all envision. Faculty and staff giving provides all employees the opportunity to participate in this momentum through an annual gift, an endowed gift or a planned gift from their estate. We hope employees will choose to contribute to the area of the university that means the most to them, in an amount that works best for them

Why have a faculty and staff giving month?

Many of our faculty and staff already make gifts to NC State, and this month is a way to recognize their impact and celebrate their commitment to going above and beyond. Because so many faculty and staff already support Day of Giving, scheduling this month for March allows us to maximize our collective impact through leaderboard bonuses, giving challenges and more.

I work here. Why should I give here?

You already go above and beyond in many ways through your work — giving is just another way. 

NC State is a charitable organization that relies on philanthropic support, just like places of worship, health care providers, medical research organizations, arts organizations, youth groups and scores of other worthy causes. The commitment of the NC State community is a strong vote of confidence in the future of our university.

Do I have freedom to direct my gift as I wish?

Absolutely — you can support any area of the university that interests you. In recent years, faculty and staff have made a particularly strong impact in the following areas:

  • College of Veterinary Medicine All Gifts Great and Small Fund
  • Arts NC State Enhancement Fund
  • Student Emergency Fund
  • Feed the Pack Food Pantry
  • Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative
  • Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship

What is the Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship?

The NC State Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship is offered to full-time, undergraduate students enrolled at NC State pursuing their first degree who are dependent children of full-time employees of NC State University. Up to $2,000 annually for a maximum of eight semesters at NC State is available for each eligible student. The scholarship is being funded through ongoing university and private support, which has helped support 400 students since the 2016-17 academic year. Annual gifts supplement endowment earnings to ensure funding will be available for each eligible student. Learn more about eligibility and qualifications.

I can only make a small gift ― will it really make a difference?

Yes, your gift really does make a difference. With so many unexpected and urgent needs all across campus, every gift, no matter the size, helps our university do more for our students and our state. Ten gifts of $50 could provide an emergency fund grant to a student. Five gifts of $20 can help Feed the Pack Food Pantry buy 60 pounds of produce.

You can also consider a simple and easy monthly payroll deduction to make your gift more manageable. A gift as small as $10 a month in payroll deduction equals $120 per year. A gift of $83.34 per month equals $1,000 per year and makes you a Chancellor’s Circle member.

How can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?

Making your gift in honor of someone special or in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to ensure your gift to NC State is even more meaningful. Be sure to note the person’s name and include the name and address of the person you would like to be notified of your gift. We do not mention the gift amount in gift notifications.