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Corporate and Foundation Relations

NC State’s campus gateway

Where Collaboration Accelerates Innovation

At NC State, ideas become solutions. Our 9,000 faculty and staff are world leaders in their fields, bridging the divides between academic disciplines and training high-caliber students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. NC State students, faculty and staff take problems at hand and work with industry, government and nonprofit partners to solve them.

The Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations team fosters and strengthens these relationships which are critical to the support and advancement of the university. The Corporate & Foundation Relations team at NC State connects innovative organizations and great minds to think and do the extraordinary. Our goal is to be an integral part of the process by building and strengthening opportunities that will produce the next generation of innovation thinkers that can make a difference to society.

Whether your organization is seeking brilliant minds and top talent or breakthrough ideas, NC State is a valuable resource for organizations that are looking to grow and make advancements. A deeper relationship with NC State University can take shape in a myriad of ways and we can help you navigate these opportunities. Our office offers corporate and foundation partners a pathway to explore the breadth and depth of NC State’s priorities and strengths while also developing meaningful engagement opportunities.

Meet our Team

Samara Hannah

Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Thomas Manshack

Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Krista Barezinsky

Assistant Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Emily Louise Witthohn

Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations