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What is CFR?

The Corporate and Foundation Relations office develops holistic, mututally beneficial relationships with its industry and foundation partners. Opportunities for engagement include access to the talent pipeline, faculty and student-led research, employee & leadership engagement, and more. The Corporate and Foundation Relations office is here to help you navigate the complexity of the higher education system and align your priorities with initiatives taking place at the university.

NC State is known for its collaborative approach to addressing real-world challenges. With a diverse and accomplished faculty and staff of 9,000 members, the university is at the forefront of various academic disciplines. These talented Pack members are dedicated to bridging the gaps between their respective disciplines and to preparing students to tackle the challenges of the future.

One of the key strengths of NC State is its commitment to collaboration with industry, government and nonprofit partners. By working closely with these external organizations, NC State students, faculty and staff can apply their knowledge and expertise to develop innovative solutions for the problems at hand. This innovative approach ensures that the solutions generated are practical and have a meaningful, lasting influence on society.

NC State greatly values the support of its donors, which is why Corporate and Foundation Relations is proud to recognize the positive impact that its partners have across the university. Corporations and foundations play a truly invaluable role in advancing research, education and outreach efforts at NC State, thus helping power the Pack — and, ultimately, our state, nation and world — to extraordinary new heights.

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