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Ways to Get Involved

The Corporate and Foundation Relations office is here to help you navigate the complexity of the higher education system and align your priorities with initiatives taking place at NC State. Our office focuses on building wide-reaching, holistic and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. To ensure we’re meeting our partners’ most crucial needs, we focus on providing access to premier opportunities that align with each organization's goals and values. There are many ways to engage across the university to bolster business needs while positively impacting student experiences and the greater North Carolina community. These include access to:

Student Talent

  • By engaging with the CFR team, we are able to uniquely examine your company’s recruiting needs and advise on potential paths forward. Some examples of this could include: connections to the career services offices around campus for information about career fairs and recruiting events, opportunities for funding and naming a scholarship or space on campus, and supporting student programs that align with your organization’s mission.

Faculty & Student-Led Research

  • Sponsored research projects and Senior capstone projects provide critical, hands-on experience for students, while addressing real needs of our corporate partners and giving you a chance to engage with potential hires. NC State’s Partnerships Office is dedicated to supporting corporate partners interested in research endeavors. The CFR office would be happy to introduce you to begin those conversations.

Employee & Leadership Engagement

  • Corporate partners and alumni serve on committees and advisory boards across campus. As a partner relationship grows, we value the opportunity to tap into your expertise while presenting your employees with broad volunteering opportunities. Several of our colleges also provide structured, industry-specific training and continuing education sessions, open to corporate cohorts. These can be valuable team-building experiences, as well as educational and professional development opportunities for employees. When possible and authentically aligned with the professor’s goals, we also offer the chance to align our corporate partners with conversations in the classroom, because we know real-world experience is invaluable in the educational process.
  • Building these kinds of opportunities and relationships is a thoughtful progression. We often see that over time, a successful holistic partnership with NC State fosters meaningful interactions between senior leaders at both organizations, with the aim of finding more areas of synergy and collaboration.

Sponsorship & Branding

  • The University has an office devoted to building strategic branding and sponsorship opportunities with interested parties. If this is a goal for your organization, our team would be excited to introduce you to that unit to further those discussions.

Contact Us

Reach out to CFR to learn more about how our office can help holistically engage your organization with the Wolfpack.

Let us know what your organization’s top priorities and goals are and how we can do the extraordinary together!