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Internal Resources & Tools

The CFR office seeks to foster collaboration, build strong partnerships, and secure the resources necessary to drive innovation and make meaningful, positive changes across campus and our community. We've provided a few resources and tools below for our internal colleagues that we felt might be helpful:

Corporate Connect

  • This cross-campus initiative focuses on establishing a holistic corporate relations model to help streamline collaboration and communication at NC State, providing a more seamless experience for both our internal and organizational partners. These quarterly sessions are an opportunity for internal NC State partners to come together to talk about challenges, best practices and areas of opportunity as it relates to corporate relations at NC State.
  • If you’d like to stay in the know about upcoming Corporate Connect sessions and/or would like an opportunity to showcase your unit during one of these sessions, please reach out to

Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO)

  • NACRO provides professional development opportunities that enable corporate and academic professionals to develop and advance comprehensive, mutually beneficial relationships between industry and academia.
  • SAVE THE DATE for NACRO’s annual conference in RALEIGH, NC from July 16-18, 2024.


  • Use this Opportunity Map as a way to define your unit’s funding priorities and establish a communication tool between staff and donors.
  • Need to write a Letter of Intent for a grant proposal? Check out this boilerplate to help guide you in the process.
  • Exploring financial support for your department? Review this curated list of past foundation contributors. Be sure to consider foundations overseen by the CFR office, and feel free to connect with us at with any questions or inquiries.