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Students making their way on the stairway in the DH Hill Jr Library.

Support Our Students

Private support elevates the opportunities we offer, and our donors' passion helps identify new ways to connect students with their academic goals.

Opportunity Awaits

There’s a place in the Pack for every NC State student. From study abroad to undergraduate research and from campus community centers to leadership development, we offer more ways than ever before for students to make the most of their higher education experiences — and graduate prepared to make an impact.

From programs like Park Scholarships, Goodnight Scholars, Caldwell Fellows and Shelton Leadership Center to specific scholarships like the Employee Dependent’s Tuition Scholarship, private support is clearing more paths to success.

Our Promise of Access

NC State is the university of choice for promising scholars from all backgrounds, and it’s our mission to ensure that finances aren’t a roadblock for those who have earned their place in the Pack. 

With the Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (EOSI), we’re coming together to make sure that every accepted student can make the most out of their chance to join the Pack – because when we remove financial barriers, the results are extraordinary.

73% Apply for Financial Aid

In the 2021-22 academic year, nearly three out of four undergraduates sought financial assistance.

47% Qualify for Financial Aid

Under federal guidelines, only a portion of applicants in the 2021-22 academic year qualified for aid.

$16,932 Average In-State Need

Expenses for full-time, in-state students totaled more than $25,000 for the 2021-22 academic year.

Support Need-Based Scholarships

Your gift helps every member of the Pack make the most of an extraordinary opportunity.

Extraordinary Results

Since EOSI launched in 2020, we have supported more than 430 students — and counting. This is the direct result of the NC State community’s generous investment in EOSI.

Kalysha Clark sitting in front of a window.
Two-time NC State alumna Kalysha Clark Wall is excited about her alma mater’s efforts to increase need-based scholarships and other resources critical to helping students achieve their potential.

Meeting Our Students’ Needs

As we work to help NC State students overcome challenges to their success, we can’t stop at enrollment — we must also ensure we have resources needed to support our students once they’re here. 

With donor support for meal plan scholarships, housing scholarships, the Student Emergency Fund and Feed the Pack Food Pantry, we’re tackling challenges like food and housing insecurity together.

1,686 Pack Essentials Applications Submitted

in the 2021-22 academic year.

$304,000 Awarded in Student Emergency Fund Grants

across 706 awards.

125,000 Pounds of Food Distributed by Feed the Pack

across 8,400 unique visits.

The Next Generation of Educators and Researchers

NC State’s graduate students represent our next leaders in academia. The 9,500-plus master’s and doctoral students at NC State work with world-leading faculty to unlock discovery and transform our approach to problem-solving. They also educate and mentor undergraduate students, infuse departments with a welcome diversity of ideas and represent the future of their disciplines of choice.

Competition for top graduate students is intense, and finances are often a deciding factor for students. NC State must be able to offer a breadth of competitive graduate fellowships to recruit the best candidates and build a stronger future for North Carolina and beyond.

With 56% of Pack Essentials applications coming from graduate students, we must also expand the ways in which we support those students once they enroll.

Empowering Experiences

Learning and discovery, growth and leadership — an NC State education is all-encompassing. Our students pursue opportunities beyond the classroom that help shape them into globally-minded citizens ready to make a positive difference in their communities.

Donor support elevates our offerings and helps shape the student experience into something transformative, from athletics to the arts and from study abroad to studying in a world-class library. Whether a student is looking to join a music group or find connections in a campus community center, we’re creating new ways to make sure there’s a place in the Pack for everyone.

20+ Study Abroad Scholarships

have been created since 2012.

4 Campus Community Centers

foster inclusion for students.

600+ Student Organizations

create places in the Pack.