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Endowments provide donors with opportunities to create living legacies. When you create an endowment, you touch the lives of future generations. Your gift is immediately invested and, when fully funded, produces annual income to support the endowment’s purpose for years to come.

While cash gifts for current use are vitally important, endowments are the bedrock of all great universities. They provide certain, steady support in perpetuity. Funds invested in NC State endowments help to offset continued reductions in government support and enable us to plan for the future with greater predictability than otherwise possible.

There is no better legacy to NC State than a gift of endowment.

Minimum Required Endowment Levels

Deanship – market-driven
Department Head – market-driven
Faculty Chair – $2,500,000
Named Distinguished Professorship – $1,000,000
Faculty Award – $100,000

Caldwell Fellows Scholarship
Park Co-Named Scholarship
Team Captain’s Endowment
Varsity Sport Position Scholarship
Sport Endowment
Graduate Award/Scholarship
Enhancement Fellowship
Fellowship (Partial Support)
Fellowship (Full Support)

Contact a team member to discuss how you can support NC State students.

Colleges – Market Driven
Departments – Market Driven
Institutes, Programs, Centers – Market Driven

Dean/Director Initiative Fund – $1,000,000
Provost Initiative Fund – $1,500,000
Chancellor Initiative Fund – $2,000,000
Lecture Series – $100,000
Library Funds – $50,000
All Others – $50,000