The Memorial Belltower on a sunny day

A Legend in Stone

The Memorial Belltower is one of NC State’s best-known symbols and among its most Hallowed Places. But how much do you really know about its extraordinary story?

The Memorial Belltower, its cornerstone dating to 1921, was built to honor the sacrifice of NC State alumni who lost their lives to military service in World War I. The Shrine Room, as the space at the tower’s base is known, contains a plaque listing their names. Now one of our campus’ most Hallowed Places, the tower stands as the best-known symbol of our university, a landmark and gateway to campus. It has become both a place of reflection and a place of celebration, joining together generations of the Wolfpack.

Powered by a lead gift from the Henry family to the university’s Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign, an amazing 2019-2021 completion and restoration project added 55 bells, at long last, as well as other improvements. Throughout the project, we’ve been sharing the story of the Belltower’s history, makeover, philanthropic support and more — a story of people, a century in the making.

Now, we invite you to take a special tour of the newly reopened and dedicated Memorial Belltower at Henry Square. Thanks to technology as extraordinary as the Belltower itself, the belfry, Shrine Room, plaza and more are available for you to view on a desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone. Simply click your cursor or tap the screen to move to different points in, on and around the Belltower. Don’t forget to make your way to the top to see the 55 new bells that call the belfry home.

You can also click on various points of interest — marked by green (instructions/advice), blue (exterior of the Belltower) and red (interior) circles — for additional info, photos and other special content.  

A 3-D view of the Memorial Belltower

Memorial Belltower Virtual Tour

See the Legend in Stone like never before.

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