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Extraordinary Opportunity

Your support unlocks untold opportunities for dynamic students from across North Carolina and around the world.

A Beacon for Brilliant Students

Our commitment? It’s that every keen and curious mind has access to a superior education that transforms learning into contribution and hands-on experience into immediate, lasting results for a global society. Private support provides extraordinary opportunity for North Carolinians while helping us attract the best and brightest to our state.

Private support spurs students to think and do the extraordinary

NC State is a premier center for undergraduate and graduate education, known globally for innovative degree programs that address real-world challenges. For more than a century, promising students have come here to pursue — and discover — their passions and dreams.

We’re working to expand fellowships and our merit scholarship offerings, such as the Park Scholarships program, that bring the nation’s best students to NC State. We’re also building alternative admission pathways like the Community College Collaboration (C3) initiative and STEAM (Student Transfer Enrollment Advising and Mentoring).

We’re the largest university in the University of North Carolina system, and we graduate more North Carolinians than any other. Our student body comes from all 100 North Carolina counties, all 50 states and more than 120 countries. Student success is central to everything we do, and no priority is more important than extending educational opportunities to scholars from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

Every qualified student deserves an extraordinary opportunity.

However, cost is a major consideration for students and their families. It’s one of the leading reasons students leave the university before completing their degrees — or never enroll in the first place. More than 70% of our undergraduates apply for financial aid. Roughly half of our undergrads qualify for some kind of need-based aid, under federal guidelines. Through the Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative, we can close these gaps and better recruit and retain tomorrow’s leaders: the exemplary scholars who will someday discover life-saving treatments, transform society and educate future generations.

Financial barriers should never halt or slow academic inquiry, energy or drive. Private support is the vote of confidence that spurs a diverse community of students to unlock their potential and make the most of their extraordinary opportunity at NC State.

Meeting Our Students’ Needs

We’re committed to ensuring that every promising scholar who wants to come to NC State can do so. However, we can’t stop at enrollment; we must also make sure that once our students are on campus, we remove barriers and challenges to their success.

NC State continues to invest in developing and promoting initiatives to combat food and housing insecurity on campus and finding solutions for students who are one emergency away from having to leave school.

Private support is changing how we can respond to student needs — because no member of the Pack should be left behind.

Read more about ways you can make a difference for underresourced students below, or make a gift now.