Chelsea Creech_Homepage

Chelsea Creech

“NC State has made me who I am today and I could not be more thankful for the role it has played in my life. NC State will always be my home.”

Reginald Lerebours -homepage

Reginald Lerebours

“I had the opportunity to meet remarkable, positive, influential classmates and role models that helped change my life for the better. I was able to expand my horizons, step outside of my comfort zone, and participate in many opportunities and activities that were new to me.”

Tiffany Johnson Homepage

Tiffany Johnson

“Looking back to when I was a freshman, I have truly grown from a teenager to a young woman. This school has so many resources and opportunities available to help turn its students into the leaders of tomorrow.”

Sabih Farooq_Homepage

Sabih Farooq

“I was looking at other schools in the area, but, once I found out that I received the scholarship, it made the decision to attend NC State so much easier. I am extremely fortunate that I received the scholarship and was able to graduate with very minimal debt.”


Chase Cannon

“The impact the donors had on my entire family is something I will forever be thankful for, and I hope to make this same impact on an
NC State student by donating in the future.”

April Boggs_feature

April D. Boggs

“I have been able to meet many wonderful fellow students, work with extraordinary faculty, take engaging and relevant classes, gain valuable experience in the fisheries and wildlife field, and become involved in student organizations. I will leave NC State knowing that I have the knowledge needed to be successful.”