Graduate Fellowships

Graduate students are the engine that drives all great modern universities. They educate and mentor undergraduate students, assist faculty with research and infuse departments with a welcome diversity of ideas. Graduate students are central to NC State’s reputation for excellence. They help NC State prepare an educated workforce and play a key role in the university’s ability to maintain a competitive edge in discovery and innovation.

Fellowships at NC State

NC State University is a premier center for graduate education, known globally for innovative degree programs that address real-world challenges. More than 7,400 graduate students from across the U.S. and 85 countries are pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in over 220 programs in all 10 colleges, through interdisciplinary programs that bridge traditional academic boundaries. They are drawn to NC State by the chance to work with our faculty, our state-of-the-art research facilities, and partnerships with industry leaders throughout the Research Triangle and beyond.

Fellowships enable universities to attract the best and brightest graduate students. Departmental rankings, faculty recruitment and undergraduate education all depend on the presence of talented graduate students.

With significantly fewer endowed fellowships than peer institutions, NC State has relied historically on state and federal research grants to fund graduate positions. The variability of this support compromises NC State’s ability to plan effectively, resulting in the loss of graduate student talent as well as lost opportunities in pursuing innovative research programs.

In today’s economy, competition for graduate student talent is intense. Finances are often a deciding factor for students in choosing a graduate program. To recruit the best candidates and create a vibrant learning environment for undergraduate students, NC State must be able to offer competitive graduate fellowships.

Opportunities for Your Support

Endowed Graduate Fellowship
Your gift of $500,000 or more will support a student in your choice of graduate program.

Endowed Graduate Fellowship Fund
Your gift of $150,000 or more will provide partial support for students in a graduate program of your choice. These funds may be used to address tuition as well as research and dissertation expenses, travel to professional conferences, and other activities essential to a quality graduate education.