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Faculty Support

NC State unites outstanding faculty and researchers with government and industry partners to power the extraordinary. Our faculty create dynamic new approaches to teaching and learning, fuel discovery and guide our students to impactful futures.

three professors creating an interdisciplinary team to understand relative scale in STEM

Chairs and Professorships at NC State

NC State is home to more than 2,500 outstanding teaching, research and Extension faculty, each guided by an extraordinary purpose. They inspire students to think creatively and critically. They serve as mentors. They support graduate students, fueling the evolution of their disciplines. And they undertake vital research that benefits our community, state and world.

Recruiting and retaining exceptional faculty is a priority for all universities. Endowed faculty positions are essential in this process, signaling the highest possible commitment to a discipline. They attract leading scholars who, in turn, attract their peers and students. Endowed positions affirm the value of one’s work and demonstrate that excellence is rewarded by the university community.

The market for outstanding faculty is intensely competitive, and — thanks to donor support — NC State has made incredible strides in being able to compete for top talent. Over the last 10 years, we have more than doubled the number of endowed faculty positions available. Our work is more relevant than ever, and we must keep this momentum going to continue solving the urgent challenges of our time. 

Increasing endowed faculty funds — at every career stage — will enable NC State to recruit new faculty and retain excellent scholars already at our university. It is not only an investment in our future, but the future of academia: Our goal is to grow as a comprehensive research powerhouse, and when graduate students know they have the opportunity to work with innovators in the field, they want to join our university. 

In addition to valuable salary support, endowments for faculty positions provide vital discretionary resources that scholars can use toward their research, conference travel, graduate student stipends and other professional needs.

Opportunities for Your Support

Endowed Chair

Your gift of $2.5 million or more will provide salary and operational support enhancements to attract or retain eminent scholars to the college of your choice.

Endowed Distinguished Professorship

Your gift of $1 million or more will provide salary supplements and other resources to attract and retain highly respected scholars to the program of your choice. Many gifts qualify for state matching funds. The North Carolina General Assembly currently offers a generous gift-matching program available to donors who establish a distinguished professorship.

Endowed Faculty Award

Your gift of $100,000 or more will provide supplemental support to faculty for their teaching, research or extension responsibilities.