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An illustration of campus focusing on the Court of North Carolina.

On the Path to Success

Annual gifts add up to build a bold new path to a successful future.

Your Impact Adds Up

No matter what area — or areas — of NC State you support, your generosity makes a big difference throughout our campus. Our students graduate into successful careers, our faculty drive game-changing research and our programs build valuable connections, expanding our reach and your impact far beyond Raleigh. This year, 36,159 donors joined us on a path to a bolder, brighter future.

Map to Our Success-less tall parallax

Nearly 4,500 students received donor-supported
academic and athletic scholarships
in 2022-23.

Our Libraries Student Scholarship Endowment is really important. We employ about 250 students at any time, and they are outstanding. It’s nice to be in a position where we are able to financially support our student workers. Our initial awards were for two students, and, thanks to philanthropy, we’ve gone from awarding about $4,000 to $36,000 five years later.

— David Tully,

librarian for student success and affordability

An illustration of the pastures at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

College of Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine secured over $30,000 for our Companion Pet Assistance Fund last year, ensuring that those with the greatest financial need are able to give their pets the care they deserve. The college was also proud to provide over 200 scholarships to DVM students this year. 

An illustration of the belltower at NC State campus.

Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

Since the program was launched in 2020, 150 students have received Extraordinary Opportunity Scholarships, and, true to its name, the initiative is creating opportunities: Roughly 1 in 4 recipients is a first-generation college student, and more than half come from our state’s most economically challenged areas. 

An illustration of the brickyard on NC State campus.

An Extraordinary Campus

From Fitts-Woolard Hall and the Plant Sciences Building to the exciting future of Doak Field at Dail Park and the new Integrative Sciences Building, NC State’s campus continues to evolve to support the groundbreaking endeavors of our students, faculty and staff, with help from our donors.

An illustration of one of NC State's libraries.

NC State University Libraries

In the last school year, library supporters opened doors for creativity and innovation in our students’ academic journeys. By supporting Libraries areas like the Student Worker Scholarship, as well as our technology lending and open education resource programs, donors equipped students for success.

An illustration of Nelson Hall for Poole College of Management.

Poole College of Management

You have helped develop business leaders who are driven to make our world a better place to live and work by creating opportunities for academic support, meaningful real-world experiences, exposure to groundbreaking faculty research and so much more.

Our Map to Success

This year, faculty submitted more than $1 billion in research proposals to lead key areas like data science, biomedical engineering, materials science, food safety and translational medicine.

I am most grateful for the concentrated time that the McLauchlan Distinguished Professor provides me. Time to improve on my classes, time to spend with students and time to develop innovative research that takes computational methods in business and management to the next level.

— Bill Rand,

McLauchlan Distinguished Professor, Poole College of Management

An illustration of Hollladay Hall.

University’s Greatest Needs

Throughout the year, new opportunities arise to benefit students, faculty and programs. The University’s Greatest Needs Fund provides Chancellor Randy Woodson with the flexibility to direct resources where they’re most needed and will make the greatest impact for our NC State community.

An illustration of the 1911 Building and the Court of North Carolina.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Donors continue to support our goal of shaping the conversation to build a better future. This year we’ve focused on the Dean’s Innovation Fund, which will be used to create transformative opportunities, including seeding new academic initiatives; creating signature conferences, symposiums and community engagement events; and establishing infrastructure to sustain these activities.

An illustration of someone presenting their project.

Shelton Leadership Center

Last year, gifts to the Shelton Leadership Center provided support for students in the center’s Scholars Program and Chancellor’s Leadership Development Program to travel to London on a leadership enrichment trip with a service component.

An illustration of the Mary Yarbrough Court.


Annual gifts to the Caldwell Fellows, Park Scholarships and Shelton Scholars programs — as well as many other need- and merit-based scholarship programs — make a difference for thousands of students each year. In fact, for the 2022-23 academic year, 4,419 students received donor-supported academic and athletic scholarships.

An illustration of graduate students.

Graduate School

Your giving helps the Graduate School meet the needs of our students by providing equitable access to funding opportunities, academic and career support, mentoring and other vital resources for graduate and postdoctoral success.

Each year, donors like you connect students with hands-on experiences to apply their classroom learning.

An illustration of Reynolds Coliseum.


Athletics donors supported the new Light It Red campaign in droves, raising over $1.5 million to improve the student-athlete experience, which will result in more success in competition, the classroom and life. Wolfpack donors like you also raised over $13 million for athletic scholarships.

An illustration of the College of Design building.

College of Design

Gifts to the departmental funds for excellence at the College of Design support professional development opportunities for students across all disciplines, allowing them to attend and present at conferences, participate in workshops, network with industry leaders and submit work to festivals.

An illustration of the building for the College of Education.

College of Education

Thanks to the generous support of donors like you, the College of Education awarded 47 mini-grants to student teachers in spring 2023 to help them purchase supplies for innovative projects for their K-12 classrooms.

An illustration for the Free Expression tunnel.

Diversity and Equity Fund

Donor support last year helped us to create an equitable, accessible and welcoming environment for all members of our Wolfpack community through key programming and initiatives, training and certification programs, and the management of bias, harassment and discrimination policies and conflicts.

An illustration of Talley Student Union.

Division of Academic and Student Affairs

Generous donors like you help the Division of Academic and Student Affairs equip students with the tools they need to succeed academically, professionally and personally. Recently, annual gifts have supported students’ basic needs, provided student leader stipends, enhanced programming and more.

An illustration of a group holding a globe.

Office of Global Engagement

Gifts to the Office of Global Engagement were used last year to cover students’ medical and living expenses, as well as to aid students with the program’s application fee. In addition, the Study Abroad Office received a record-high number of scholarship applications, and thanks to our donors, we offered awards to 376 students studying all over the world.

Our Map to Success

NC State’s impact extends throughout
North Carolina. Donor support helps us
make a difference for students before they
ever decide to pursue higher education.

An illustration of NC State campus that shows Reynolds Coliseum.
An illustration of a building for the College of Sciences.

College of Sciences

Thanks to donations like yours, the College of Sciences was able to cover costs for graduate and undergraduate students to present research and build professional networks at national conferences. The college also funded a trip for 34 Catalyst students to visit NASA, where they met astronauts and engineers with disabilities who shared their stories of overcoming obstacles.

An illustration of someone working with a microscope.


We lead research in key areas like data science, biomedical engineering, materials science, food safety and translational medicine. Annual support for the colleges’ research programs helps faculty pursue their boldest ideas.

An illustration of a building for the College of Natural Resources.

College of Natural Resources

While our donors continue to support undergraduate scholarships, study abroad, experiential learning and professional development, this year we were excited to add scholarships aimed to assist off-campus transfer students, as well as funding for renovations to Slocum Camp at Hill Forest.

Institute for Emerging Issues

Donors supported our Building a New Digital Economy program, enabling us to support North Carolina communities in their digital inclusion efforts. The generosity of people like you also continues to support the Emerging Issues Forum, our annual gathering of thought leaders and stakeholders to discuss opportunities for our state.

An illustration of a group making wolfies.

Alumni Engagement

Gifts to this area support engagement opportunities that fuel Wolfpack pride and strengthen bonds with NC State. We engage students through our leadership programs, provide graduates with an opportunity to connect with their alma mater through impactful experiences, and recognize faculty members who excel in research and teaching.

Day of Giving

NC State held its fifth annual Day of Giving on March 22, and once again, alumni, friends, parents, faculty, staff and students showed up strong for 24 hours of #GivingPack — to the tune of $34,019,746.

16,774 gifts

11,694 donors

718 funds supported

An illustrated map of NC State campus, showing Lake Raleigh.
An illustration of the Textiles Building on NC State campus.

Wilson College of Textiles

Your assistance made it possible for the Centennial Scholarship Endowment to sustain 10 scholars for the class of 2026, bringing our total scholars on campus last spring to 39 students. These students will grow into the next generation of textile leaders and entrepreneurs through the enriching experiences this life-changing scholarship provides.

An illustration of a building for the College of Engineering.

College of Engineering

This past year, donors to the College of Engineering enabled us to recruit a record-high number of new faculty for the Department of Computer Science. Gifts to the college also allowed the Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering to provide scholarships for underrepresented high school students to attend the college’s summer camp.

An illustration of a building for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Thanks to generous donors to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 593 students received scholarships last year, totaling nearly $2 million in scholarship support. Your giving also provided the resources to bolster research efforts, resulting in over 1,300 peer-reviewed publications and 35 issued patents.

An illustration of someone painting.

Arts NC State

Arts NC State donors continue to expand creative opportunities to our students, faculty and staff and the greater Triangle community. Recently, annual gifts launched new collaborative programming, supported student internships and enhanced performances and exhibitions through technological innovations.

An illustration of a group planting corn plants.

Outreach and Extension

Because of donor support, NC State Extension advances agriculture, the environment, human health and communities while creating prosperity for all North Carolinians. Our work creates a $2.1 billion annual economic impact in the state. And through extension youth programming, over 63,000 youth participated in the state’s agricultural education programs, like FFA and 4-H.

Thank You for Being Part of the Pack

NC State is only as extraordinary as the people who make up our community — thank you for being a part of our Pack. We hope you’ll join us again to make a difference this academic year.