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Principal Gifts

Who We Are
The Principal Gifts Program engages those individuals that are all-in for NC State — alumni and friends of the university who possess the unbridled passion, deep-rooted dedication, enthusiasm and capacity to instrument a transformational impact through their philanthropy. By way of a partnership with PGP, principal donors are invited to use transformational philanthropy — defined as $5M+ — to effect change on a monumental scale and propel NC State forward.

One of the critical ways that PGP is able to resource its partners is through its close ties across campus — including the 12 colleges, units, athletics and university leadership. This direct linkage brings principal donors into the heartland of NC State’s most pressing priorities and permits an understanding and assessment of needs on an acute level. Through a PGP partnership, donors are able to identify and align their primary philanthropic desires to drive the strategic priorities and dramatically accelerate the growth of the core and foundational areas that NC State sees as most pressing.

The PGP-Donor Partnership
The PGP team serves as strategic partners in identifying, coordinating and cultivating the university’s most impactful gifts — in particular those gifts which stretch across multiple areas of impact. PGP additionally focuses on partnering with university leadership to formulate big ideas that will have an anchoring and path-altering transformation on NC State. To do this, PGP prides itself on building philanthropic partnership plans with our donors, aligning passions and interests with university “big ideas”, and helping cultivate them to fruition.

Meet Our Team

Alan Taylor

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Principal Gifts

Sarah Brockett

Associate Director of Principal Gifts