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Wilson College of Textiles

Extraordinary Leadership in Action

The Wilson family boasts three generations of NC State Textiles alumni. With their transformative gift, the Wilson family establishes the Wilson College of Textiles.

College of Textiles

A Legacy of Innovation

The Wilson family’s High Point-based company, Piedmont Chemical Industries, was founded in 1938 by the late Frederick Eugene Wilson Sr., to support the local textile industry, and it has continued to grow and evolve.

Through more than a century and through generations of North Carolina families, as the industry has changed, textiles at NC State has changed along with it, too — to purposefully adapt, to innovate and to keep pushing forward.

With their transformative gift, the Wilson family establishes the Wilson College of Textiles and a lays a strong foundation for the industry’s future in North Carolina and beyond.

A Renaissance in the U.S. Textile Industry

Rick Wilson

“A renaissance seems to be occurring in the U.S. textile industry. We want to keep this revival moving and do our part to promote a healthy textile industry. It just seems logical that investing in the best textile college in the world is a great way to advance the cause.”

Rick Wilson celebrates with Mr. and Ms. Wuf

Remembering Our Roots

When we were talking to the chancellor about the college and about it being the only college of textiles remaining in the U.S., a light bulb really went off. Somebody’s got to draw a line in the sand. We’ve got to remember what got us here and recognize where we can go in the future. I’m happy that we could be the ones to do that.

Fred Wilson Jr.

Investing in the Future

Cres Wilson Calabrese

“You will never be sorry for investing in the future: the future of an outstanding educational facility, the future of a vital industry, and the future of so many bright minds and untapped talents that may otherwise be wasted.”

Cres Wilson speaks
Pack Plaid Tartan Pattern

Powering Our Creative Momentum

For decades, industry has been the crucible for new technologies and most of the advancements in textile production. It’s amazing to see the shift in creativity now being born in the academic setting of NC State. It is my hope that the gift will power this creative momentum, so that new advances that I can’t even imagine will be brought to reality at the school of textiles.

Rick Wilson

Extraordinary Experience

Rede Wilson

“It was definitely the people that I surrounded myself with that made my NC State experience what it was. I had some great professors, really great professors, at the college. I think NC State is extraordinary because of the practical knowledge that it provides — learning that can be applied. And that’s why I’m grateful for my experience here. The College of Textiles is, in a large part, responsible for the success of both the company and our family.”

Rede Wilson laughs during a Textiles event

Being a part of the Pack, that goes beyond sports and social life and wearing red and white. It means that you are a part of a huge family that will be with you forever.

Cres Wilson Calabrese