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An Extraordinary Milestone

Our generous donors have established 100 distinguished faculty positions over the course of the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign — fueling discovery and investing in the future of academia.

NC State faculty members are guided by an extraordinary purpose. They inspire students to think creatively and critically. They serve as mentors. They support graduate students — the future of academia. And they undertake vital research that strengthens our ability to provide solutions to society’s grandest challenges.

At the launch of the Campaign, fewer than 10 percent of NC State professors held named and endowed positions, which put us behind our peer institutions. Investment to increase this percentage is critical — a distinguished professorship represents a continued commitment on behalf of the university to a professor’s research, professional development and mentorship activities.

“You, our donors, are supporting every college, program and unit in record-setting fashion . . . You are ensuring our faculty members have the resources they need to empower the next generation of leaders and undertake research addressing our world’s challenges.”

— Chancellor Randy Woodson

Our donors have responded to this need, endowing 100 faculty positions over the course of the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign. This means that when we are hiring new faculty members, we are in a better position to recruit top talent. It also means that we can retain the outstanding faculty members who are already at NC State and honor the amazing work they are doing and have done throughout their careers.

Increasing the number of distinguished professors also means strengthening our ability to attract the most promising graduate and doctoral students. Many professors use their discretionary funding to support their graduate students through research positions or by sending them to conferences, where they represent NC State on the national or international stage.

Our goal is to grow as a comprehensive research powerhouse, and when graduate students know they have the opportunity to work with innovators in the field, they want to join our university.

We are grateful for our donors’ extraordinary investment in our faculty and our future. It is an incredible vote of confidence in our work, our mission and our institution.

Extraordinary Purpose

Thanks to your support, NC State’s faculty continues to be a powerful force for good — on campus, across North Carolina and around the globe.

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