Endowments Matter

A Message from the Chancellor

Dear Friends,

It can be difficult to make endowments a priority, because they take time to grow; but if there’s any legacy we can leave, it’s a set of resources that NC State can use year in and year out to keep the university strong.

Through the support of our friends and alumni, NC State set a new fundraising record in fiscal year 2013 with gifts and new contributions totaling $198.2 million, outpacing the previous year’s total of $111.4 million by 78 percent. We also saw an extraordinary increase in support for endowments, with $129.7 million in gifts and new commitments from bold, forward-thinking donors such as you.

While our endowment is still modest compared to schools with which we compete academically, the increased support of our alumni and friends has us on track to meet our goal of building a billion-dollar endowment by fiscal year 2019. A more robust endowment will provide our university with long-term stability and the critical resources necessary to attract, support and retain top faculty and high-performing students.

Indeed, the past year at NC State has been extraordinary. Our world-class students and faculty whom you have so generously supported continue to surpass expectations as leaders in solution-driven research, partnerships and innovation.

NC State scientists are using nanotechnology to create self-powered health monitoring systems, pushing the boundaries of medicine and technology. Our engineers’ groundbreaking energy grid work has already led to the creation of a smart grid cluster of 60 companies that employ more than 3,000 people in our region. This year we opened the incredible James B. Hunt Jr. Library on Centennial Campus, an interactive library of the future where knowledge is not only stored, it’s created.

With all of this happening around them, our students are having extraordinary experiences both inside and outside the classroom as they take advantage of undergraduate research, study abroad and programs such as Leadership in Action, which provides unique opportunities to learn the value of leadership, service and ethics.

Because of donors like you, NC State is the preeminent research enterprise in North Carolina and a leader in creating economic, societal and intellectual prosperity for our citizens. Thank you for your partnership, investment and faith in NC State. We are truly only as great as the shoulders on which we stand. Your vision and generosity constitute the bedrock of every great advancement at NC State.


W. Randolph Woodson