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Biomedical engineering PH.D. graduate student Vindhya Kunduru working in a biomedical engineering lab

Why Give

NC State is on an upward trajectory. The work we do here matters, and it requires resources greater than those provided through state appropriations. Your philanthropy powers our vision.

You Can Make a Difference

We’ve always been a university with a mission: to bring sweeping change to higher education and to create economic, societal and intellectual prosperity in North Carolina and beyond. Your gifts lead us forward in solving the grand challenges of our complicated world. NC State is transforming the student learning experience; building the nation’s most innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial faculty; and harnessing the power of local and global partnerships – to drive cutting-edge research, find solutions that make the world better, help launch new companies and revitalize industries.

Through the generosity of Joe and Debbie Gordon, NC State is bridging the education gap for rural communities and opening up new avenues for determined students to succeed.

Why I Give

“During my tenure at NC State, I created my own version of junior year abroad. The summer between my sophomore and junior years, I was able to make a six-week visit to a friend in Finland.

“Finland — the land of the midnight sun, Merrimeko fabric, potatoes with every meal, saunas, modern buildings, bicycle rides into the country and so much more — was one big adventure for me, this still young student of life. Landing back at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, walking across the tarmac, I looked around me and realized my own place now looked different to me. I could see my home a little bit the way someone from Finland would see it.

“So, when I learned about the travel-abroad endowment at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, it did not take much encouragement for me to make a planned gift. I want other young students of NC State and of life to have those great adventures, too.” — Deborah Brogden ’71

Deborah Brogden receiving her Pullen Society certificate from Chancellor Woodson

We Can’t Do It Without You

You can create a scholarship endowment that opens doors to achievement and success for a diverse student body, ensuring that financial barriers never slow academic inquiry, imagination or drive. You can boost the department that changed your life, help renew and reimagine our facilities, or build robust undesignated funds that allow the university to quickly meet challenges and embrace opportunities. You can make a gift to support the extracurricular activity that you loved and that will help other students find their own unique places in the Pack too.

Gifts of every size and type matter. Your gifts, especially when combined with gifts from other donors, change lives.

There’s a growing culture of giving back at NC State, and this energy reinforces our ability to be a pacesetter and to ensure that possibility is never out of reach.

Together, we’re focused on an unlimited future. Thank you for your support.

Donor Recognition

NC State’s giving societies honor the generous support of alumni and friends whose outright and deferred gifts strengthen the university’s position as an incubator for experiential education, solution-driven research, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative outreach.