Extraordinary Places

Brick by brick, past generations built the NC State you know today. With your support, we’re raising cutting-edge facilities on that foundation.

Buildings to Match Our Ambition

At NC State, our physical footprint is as bold as our determined spirit. Our campus has emerged as a global model through transformative ideas and spaces like Fitts-Woolard Hall, the Plant Sciences Building, our athletics facilities, the Gregg Museum of Art & Design and, of course, the Memorial Belltower.

Philanthropy ensures a physical environment that supports the endeavors of the next generations of doers.

Our College of Engineering produces 2,300 top engineers and computer scientists annually. It’s launched more than 40 startup companies in the last decade and has conducted research leading to more than 220 consumer products. But things change quickly in engineering. We can’t continue fueling the state’s high-skilled workforce by standing still.

Thanks to the Connect NC bond — overwhelmingly approved by North Carolina voters — and private support, NC State’s Centennial Campus is now home to the new Fitts-Woolard Hall engineering building and the headquarters of the Plant Sciences Initiative, a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences-led interdisciplinary partnership with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

A Future With No Limits

Private funds are critical to ongoing improvements in our beloved bricks and mortar. Thanks to the generosity and hard work of the Pack, especially Bill (’81) and Frances Henry, NC State’s beloved Memorial Belltower now has real bells in place after a century of waiting. A renovated Shrine Room, restored exterior and expanded plaza are some of the other exciting updates to this celebrated structure.

Coming on the heels of the revitalization of Talley Student Union, the “old barn” of Reynolds Coliseum has been renovated and reborn as the center of campus for a new generation. Carmichael Gymnasium is undergoing renovations as well to create a central hub of recreation and wellness for campus.

The Historic Chancellor’s Residence has also been reinvented as the new Gregg Museum of Art and Design, boasting the largest and most diverse collection of art and artifacts of any university museum in the state. The Gregg grants universal free access to its remarkable programs and collections, all thanks to donor support.

Transformation has always been a cornerstone of our mission, and private support is vital. Through the robust, sustainable transformation of our physical campus in support of collaboration, innovation and enterprise, donors help send a strong, tangible signal: At NC State, we are focused on an unlimited future.

Learn more about how philanthropy is making our places more extraordinary below, or experience some of these places yourself with the help of a device here. When you’re ready, consider making a financial gift to help support the Memorial Belltower, Fitts-Woolard Hall, the Plant Sciences Building, the Wellness and Recreation Center, Reynolds Coliseum or the Gregg Museum of Art and Design.