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The top of the Memorial Bell Tower at NC State.

Campaign Leadership

Meet the people who led our Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign to such phenomenal heights.

Campaign Co-Chairs

In October 2016, NC State publicly embarked on the largest fundraising effort in its history: Think and Do the Extraordinary, a $1.6 billion campaign to support students, faculty, facilities and research for decades to come, ultimately saw $2.1 billion raised thanks in large part to a phenomenal team of leaders.

At the head of that effort were our Campaign Co-Chairs — supporters who have strong connections to NC State.

Campaign Executive Committee

Within NC State, our Campaign fundraising effort was helmed by some of our brightest leaders, who have worked hard to help this university reach its fullest potential.

Campaign Cabinet Volunteers

The Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign has helped transform NC State. Meeting and exceeding the original goal of $1.6 billion in private support is allowing NC State to achieve its full potential as one of the most vital and recognized research universities on the planet. Our Campaign Cabinet volunteers were instrumental, helping NC State move toward its big, bold future.

Now, we’re sharing stories from our volunteers about why they gave back to the university and the inspiration behind their Think and Do approach.