Working side-by-side with college- and program-based development officers, the Alumni Association, and the Wolfpack Club, the Regional Team visits alumni, parents and friends across the country to forge and strengthen relationships and promote loyalty to NC State, its colleges and university-wide efforts including special projects which serve the entire campus community. Let us bring NC State to you!

Meet the Regional Team!



Liz McFarlane, Associate Executive Director
Formerly from Baltimore and Buffalo, Liz covers the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC areas.

Contact Liz
(919) 513-7506 (phone)
(919) 515-1976 (fax)



Ethan Dodson, Director
Ethan is also a native of North Carolina and travels throughout the US – Midsection, from Tennessee to Minnesota and South Carolina.

Contact Ethan
(919) 513-7507 (phone)
(919) 515-1976 (fax)



Kelleigh Smith, Director
Kelleigh focuses on advancing the fundraising goals of NC State’s Park Scholarships and Caldwell Fellows programs. She is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina.

Contact Kelleigh
(919) 513-3912 (phone)
(919) 515-1976 (fax)


Alan Taylor, Director
Alan received his undergraduate degree in 2004 from the Poole College of Management and his Master of Public Administration from NC State in 2013. Alan is a native of Wake County where he also currently resides with his wife and two daughters. He covers the Charlotte Region and the New England states.

Contact Alan
(919) 515-6110 (phone)
(919) 515-1976 (fax)


Beverly Beland, Administrative Support Associate

Beverly is a native of North Carolina and supports the efforts the Regional Giving and Priority Projects Team.
Contact Beverly
(919) 513-4412 (phone)
(919) 515-1976 (fax)