We can show you ways to:

  • make a gift now and receive income for your lifetime and help with your taxes.
  • give your home to NC State and continue to live in it and receive a tax deduction.
  • use your required minimum distribution from your IRA to make charitable gifts without increasing your taxable income.

Visit the Gift Planning website to learn more.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose to support NC State through a planned gift:

Read about Lew and Billie Rentels Donor Story“We were astounded to learn that giving to charity is a win-win proposition. Through NC State we have saved thousands of dollars in taxes and increased our income. We don’t have to be dependent on our children to fund our lifestyle now that we have secured a dependable cash flow through our trusts with NC State.”

Read about Ken and Sandra Tates Donor Story“We have been so blessed in our lives and we simply want to share some of our success with others so they may reach their potential in life. We felt it important that we share our success in a balanced and responsible way.”

Read about Dave and Celia Jolley's Donor Story“NC State gives a great deal to the state of North Carolina and the expanding universe beyond Raleigh; we want to see that continue. NC State is a place where we can give and support our varied interests.”

Read about Bob Kennel's Donor Story“Besides God and family, NC State has been the primary constant for most of my life. I have received NC State benefits in education, recreation, profession, friendships, and family on a continuing basis since my childhood. I have tried to compensate by giving back to NC State my loyalty, my time, and my heart.”