Senior Class Gift

Since 1913, seniors at NC State have united each year under one common goal: to leave their alma mater a little better than when they found it.  As a student-led tradition, Senior Class Gift gives graduating seniors this opportunity by encouraging graduates to make a small gift to the area of campus that matters most to them. Whether you give to the college where you discovered your passions, a student group where life-long friends were made, or even a financial aid fund that saves future students thousands of dollars in student debt, it only takes $20.15 to leave your legacy at NC State before your graduate.

Our 2014-2015 graduates have set a historic goal for Senior Class Gift: we want at least 17% of seniors to make a gift (of any size) to NC State. If everyone makes a gift of at least $20.15, this adds up to over $18,000. We cannot hit this goal without your help!

Why you should make your Senior Class Gift:

  • Helps support the programs and departments that are most important to you! Tuition only covers 18% of the university’s actual expenses, so our programs and departments depend on your gifts to make the NC State experience a great one.
  • Increases the university’s rankings, enhancing the value of your degree. U.S. News and World Reports factors alumni/student giving in their yearly rankings, so when you give back the world takes notice!
  • Gifts have already positively impacted you by supporting at least one of the unique experiences you’ve had at NC State, so making your Senior Class Gift allows you to “pay it forward” for future students.
  • All gifts, regardless of size, make a difference. We encourage our seniors to give $20.15, which is equivalent to buying a coffee for NC State for at least each year you attended. Ultimately, though, it’s your participation at any amount that helps us reach our goal.
  • To show our appreciation for your generosity, you will receive a commemorative senior scarf, a must-have keepsake for any graduating senior who wants to stand out from the Pack. You will also be recognized at graduation, both during the ceremony and in the commencement program*, and on the online senior honor roll!

*You must make your gift before the cutoff date of November 7th (December commencement) or April 1 (May commencement) to be included in the program.

Why I Support the Senior Class Gift and NC State University

Molly Basdeo
College of Education
Lexington, NC


Giving back to NC State is important to me because of the many opportunities that have been available to me as a student. From my involvement with CSLEPS, my work as an Executive Officer with Kappa Alpha Theta, and my current role as Senior Class President, my experiences at NC State have truly shaped me into the individual I am today. I chose to give back to the NC State Student Financial Fund because I want to make sure that future students, regardless of their financial background, are able to experience the same great opportunities that I had as an NC State student. I am so grateful for everything NC State has done for me, so making a Senior Class Gift is the least I could do to support my future alma mater.


Alex Parker
College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Raleigh, NC


Whether we realize it or not, we have all benefited from a long tradition of giving at NC State. Many of my experiences—whether it’s studying abroad in Valencia or my involvement in CSLEPS—wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of Wolfpack alumni and students. One of the most iconic testaments to this giving tradition is our Memorial Belltower, which is why I designated my Senior Class Gift to the Finish the Belltower campaign. Though students over the years have given back in hopes of completing the project, without future Senior Class gifts the true potential of the Belltower may never be realized. I may be leaving campus soon, but my Senior Class Gift ensures that my legacy on campus will continue on through the Memorial Belltower.


Paris Roebuck
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Fayetteville, NC


I believe that giving back to the university is an integral part of what it means to be a member of the Wolfpack. When our students and alumni unite to give back to NC State, our Pack becomes stronger. As a financial aid student, I learned this lesson firsthand. Without the funds from the NCSU Financial Aid Department, I would not have been able to experience all the amazing things I was exposed to at NC State. That’s why I designated my Senior Class Gift towards the NC State Student Financial Aid Fund. Though I’ll never get to meet the students who benefit from my gift, I’ll feel good knowing that I did my part to make NC State a better place.

Please contact Lennon Brooks to share your story and why you gave.

Join the Senior Class Gift Committee

Join the Senior Class Gift Committee and help lead a fundraising campaign with fellow NC State students. The committee provides a great opportunity for all students, regardless of class year, to gain professional development in fundraising and communication, all while benefitting the future of NC State.
If you’re interested in applying to become a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee, please e-mail Lennon Brooks at or call 919-515-0533.

If you have any questions regarding Senior Class Gift, please contact one of the following individuals:

Lennon Brooks
Assistant Director, Annual Giving
(919) 515-0533

Molly Basdeo
Co-Chair, Senior Class Gift Committee
Class of 2015

Alex Parker
Co-Chair, Senior Class Gift Committee
Class of 2015

Paris Roebuck
Co-Chair, Senior Class Gift Committee
Class of 2015