Chancellor Woodson outlined the university’s main goals in a strategic plan. Here’s an overview:

Drive educational innovation to help students succeed – This focuses on transforming the educational experience at NC State, giving students a nurturing – but challenging – academic environment.

Enhance scholarship and research through smart investments – By hiring world-class faculty, NC State plans to focus even more on research and innovation.

Expand interdisciplinary scholarship to solve big problems – Approaching complex problems from different angles has always been one of NC State’s strengths, and this goal takes it to a new level.

Reassess, re-organize and constantly improve – To remain one of the top universities in the country, NC State will be proactive in constantly assessing where it is now – and where it needs to be.

Build partnerships to become more locally and globally engaged – With so many new technologies and advances, students can no longer focus only on their communities. They have to focus on the world.