Chancellor’s Circle Celebrates Annual Impact

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Members of the Chancellor's Circle pose for a photo at the new Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse.

Nearly 500 members of the Chancellor’s Circle gathered at the new Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse this spring to celebrate the group’s annual impact. Chancellor’s Circle members are individuals who have made an annual gift of at least $1,000 to NC State.

Collectively, almost 3,000 Chancellor’s Circle members provided over $49 million in support to programs across the university last year, and giving from this group is tracking ahead of that impressive number for the fiscal year ending in June 2014.

The annual investment that Chancellor’s Circle members make in NC State helps create an environment where young people can thrive. At the event, Nan Strader, co-chair of the 2014 Chancellor’s Circle, thanked guests for their impact.

“Our Chancellor’s Circle touches every facet of this university—enriching academic excellence, faculty and student research, libraries, arts, individual colleges, campus development and so much more. Embracing these missions year after year is critical and at the heart of philanthropy here at NC State,” Strader said.

As part of the event, Chancellor’s Circle members could enjoy full-access tours of the new clubhouse, a unique building that offers space for a number of different constituents. While providing complete clubhouse service to recreational golfers playing the Lonnie Poole Golf Course on Centennial Campus, the building also includes state-of-the-art facilities for NC State’s professional golf management and turfgrass management students, as well as for varsity athletes.

Chancellor's Circle members enjoy a private look at the new Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse.

Conference-style classrooms support programs that use the golf course as a “living laboratory” for research into soil science, pathology, toxicology, wildlife management, urban forestry and water conservation.

Speaking at the event, Chancellor Randy Woodson said, “The dollars Chancellor’s Circle members provide are critical to our ability to transform the lives of our students, support our faculty and keep our campus environment on the cutting-edge of academia. You are helping to transform the university itself, in both visible and less-tangible ways. Your support is the cornerstone of NC State’s growth and ongoing sustainability.

“Thank you for everything you are doing to help this university create economic, societal and intellectual prosperity for generations to come.”

Photos from the 2014 Chancellor’s Circle Event
Chancellor’s Circle


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